Phenomena Festival is a competitive international films and arts festival.
Focused on fantasy, sci-fi and horror, we are in search of the most uncanny film makers out there.



Our mission is to find the most surreal, unique and amazing genre films around the globe and bring them into the spotlight to be seen by the largest number of weirdness aficcionados possible! 

For us, the greatest genre films are the ones that, on the surface, are excellent fantasy/scary movies, but if one starts digging, a sense of another layer that speaks about a truth of a kind will emerge. Simply put, these are the films that are not easily forgotten. Films that pulls into their mindboggling reality and take anyone for a weirdly immersive and meaningful voyage - giving one more than just the satisfaction of being glued to the screen.

Mindless entertainment is everywhere and it is uncertain if there is an excuse for it anymore. Genre films (or films with genre elements) are one of the few last resorts where one can make both art and entertainment, while still maintaing that special layer hidden within, and we really love that.



The event takes place in the megalopolis of São Paulo, Brazil, from the 1st through the 9th of November, 2018. In addition, a special edition will occur in Paraty, Rio de Janeiro, from 25th to 28th of October. Screenings, panels and masterclasses will compose the program. The winners will be awarded with a high quality metal statue award designed by the English artist David Van Gough and printed by La Matta Studios, as well as cash prizes. 

  • Best Feature Film ($2000) + Phenomena Award

  • Best Short Film ($1000) + Phenomena Award

  • Best Brazilian Feature: Phenomena Award

  • Best Brazilian Short: Phenomena Award

  • Audience’s Choice: Phenomena Award

Use the button bellow to access one of our partners page and submit your masterpiece. The world awaits to be blowed away!