Trauma Industries


UK |  2018  |  13 minutes  |  Director: Jethro Massey

It’s a big day for Joseph, his family is taking him to the Smile-Rite® toy factory to celebrate his twelfth birthday. And everybody knows that when you turn twelve, that’s when you become a man.


Jethro Massey is a British-French filmmaker living in Paris. His documentary work has taken him around the world working with everyone from ballerinas of the Bolshoi Theatre to tribal clowns in the Malian savannah. His music videos for Hailey Tuck, Joon Moon, Liset Alea and Melody Linhart have won nominations and awards at numerous festivals around the world, and his short film “Trauma Industries”, shot on 35mm film, has appeared in over thirty festivals in the five months since completion, winning “Best Short Film” at IMVF (Spain), the Bronze Khanjar at the Muscat Film Festival (Oman), and the Persona Association award for best short film at Cluj Shorts (Romania).