The God Inside My Ear


USA |  2018  |  99 minutes  |  Director: Joe Badon

Eliza’s life changes drastically when her boyfriend ditches her in order to join a religious cult. The sudden, peculiar breakup reveals a world of conspiracies, strange voices, and horrifying visions. This perfect balance between surrealism and psychological horror draws the audience in unveiling the mystery behind what’s going on with Eliza. This is Joe Badon’s first feature film, being shot in merely 13 days, with a shoestring budget of 8 thousand dollars. Even more impressive is the performance by leading lady Linnea Gregg, conveying the changes the character goes true as she’s forced to reevaluate her entire life, and her arduous path as she tries different forms of help, all of which lead her to delirium.


Joe Badon is a first time film maker. Before this, he has worked as an illustrator on storyboards, concept art and movie posters for a number of short films and independent films.