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The Cidade Tiradentes Center is the largest culture medium of São Paulo’s east region. With 30 thousand square meters, the place offers artistic and sport activities to the population; while also providing professional and environmental formation. In addition to the Human Rights themed library, the place has also a technical audiovisual park and a large movie theater with a capacity for 150 seats with digital projection.


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Short Films



“Laughs in the Dark” Segment

One of the most common reactions to do when confronted with a horror scene is the laughter. Maybe because of a corny situation or simply to blow off steam, or even because horror and comedy can walk side by side. The sum of the morbid with the comic is the foundation to this segment short films.

This segment will oscilate between both, from bittersweet fantasies about the post life to bizarre demons getting out of the depths of hell. One way or another, a segment for those who appreciate a good laugh besides good scares.


“Science Fiction, Double Feature” Segment

Science fiction is one of the most popular genres inside the fantastic theme, they can take us to abstract scenarios from a dystopian future or even to a more common and ordinary place, in which technology may be the menace.

The shorts from this segment navigate through these scenearios and beyond - including lunatic scientists, dictators, murder robots and even ghosts - sometimes represented in a more comic manner, sometimes more serious, but always searching a representation in this fantastic genre to make us question our past and present actions, and also how they may affect our future.


“Into the Wonderland”

A segment created to all those who crave a good tale based on fairy tales and folclore (and also do not fear if these stories go through a more dark path).

Films that can take us through the rabbit whole, making possible to dive in a deeper hole, beyond the rainbow; where we can encounter vibrant and colorful places - sometimes Grimm, sometimes Jacques Demy - and at the same time can pull us to the most obscure human desires which exists below their beautiful sugar mask. You will find some beauty in all the grotesque and macabre there.


“Visions from Hell” Segment

As a parallel to the "Into the Wonderland" segment, while in one the hurricane is just a part of the journey, here you will constantly be inside it. You will also experience surreal journeys to distorced places of the mind, but going deeper and deeper in the abyss of the soul.

This final destination will be hell - allegorical or literal. An intoxicant orgy of disturbing sensorial experiences bathed in sweat, tears and (lots of) blood, so deliciously profane that would probably leave Hieronymus Bosch trembling with envy and excitement.


“Dear Monsters” Segment

Since the beginning of the German Expressionism and the classic movies from Universal despite having the common purpose of being scary, the portrait of monsters in cinema usually provokes in our beings a sensation of confort and recognition of our selves in these fearsome creatures, we may find in them our imperfections, a safehouse for those who feel different or cast aside.

In this segment, a selection of short films that are true love letters to these extraordinary beings is presented - a constant remind of why we love and fear them in (almost) same proportion.


“Who’s Afraid of the Bogeyman?” Segment

The Bogeyman is a mythological creature pratically universal, present in almost every culture, but with different characteristics for the lack of a specific identity. It is the physical representation of all distress and inate fears that one may have, a metamorphosis in a variety of faces and personalities for each person.

The films in this segment explore exactly how the most obscure parts of one's mind may materialize in personal demons, how each blame and misbehavior comes back to haunt and, sometimes, to also liberate.


“Lilith’s Daughters”

The duality between virgin and whore, mother and witch, each label connects and mixes with each other into eight short films which explore the female power in the horror cinema. These are films that never show their main female characters as victims, but as ancient forces with total control of their own destiny, good or bad.


“Blood and Rage” Segment

Feelings of grief, pain, anger and vengeance may manifest themselves in silence or orgasmic explosions of violence. Shorts present in this segment can show these feelings subjectively or with great magnitude, passing through contained threats to total blood bath - which any gorehound would loudly clap.

Prepare yourself, this segment will show the limits that characters can go until they give up of any moral sense to ease their rage. A carousel of horrors, where humans become beasts and beasts become humans.