Mar de Monstro

“Sea of Monster”


Brazil |  2017  |  19 minutes  |  Director: Isabella Raposo

A boy is the projectionist in a small litoranean town’s Cinema, and every day goes over the Train Station to collect a new film to be shown. One day, the film doesn’t arrive at the train station, his father desappears and things around him start to transform.


Isabella Raposo is a director and a screenwriter. Bachelor in screenwriting by the Darcy Ribeiro Cinema School, and undergraduate in theater direction at UFRJ, Isabella Raposo has written and directed the short-films “The Blue Belvedere”, winner of the Prêmio Curta Rio award, and “Loïe & Lucy”, shown at various festivals around the world. Isabella Raposo’s feature film project, “Goblin”, created in partnership with Thiago Brito, was selected at the screenplay lab at the International Film Festival of Curitiba. Isabella Raposo was assistant director in the web series experiment “Claun”, directed by Felipe Bragança and the compilation feature film “Desassossego/Neverquiet”, presented at the International Film Festival Rotterdam.