Germany |  2018  |  16 minutes  |  Director: Anna Roller

Secretly Juno dreams of Pan - the god of the forest. He hunts her like a young nymph. On a techno party in a house close to the forest she meets him - the real Pan, a normal guy, loved by all the girls. But of course he does not even notice her.But something is changing inside of Juno. She becomes that animal from her dreams herself. She goes on a hunt - to get Pan.


In 1993 Anna Roller was born in München, she went to Volksschule Lochham, Kurt-Huber Gymnasium Gräfelfin. She was an intern in “Tom und Hacke“ Kevin Lee Produktion, worked at the production company E+P Films, worked as director’s assistant for several short films, such as “Sarg Niemals Nie”, a musical production at Neuköllner Oper. Since 2014, she studies at the University of Television and Film Munich.