Murder Me, Monster

Argentina, France and Chile | 2018 | 109 minutes | Director: Alejandro Fadel

Rural police officer Cruz investigates the bizarre case of a headless woman's body found in a remote region by the Andes Mountains. She is the latest victim in a rash of murders in Mendoza’s countryside. David becomes the prime suspect and is sent to a local mental hospital. He blames the crime to the inexplicable and brutal appearance of the "Monster". Cruz stumbles on a mysterious theory involving geometric landscapes, mountain motorcyclists and a mantra stuck in his head: Murder Me, Monster.

Cruz is not fully convinced that David is the culprit; the fact that he is having an affair with David’s wife might also be clouding his judgement.

Born in Mendoza, Argentina in 1981. In 2003 Alejandro Fadel co-directed Love (First Part), that premiered in Venice Critics’ Week. As a writer, he worked with Pablo Trapero in such films as Leonera (2008), Abutre (2010), and Elefante Branco (2012). The Wild Ones (2012), his first feature as a director, was premiered and awarded at Cannes Critics’ Week. This is his second feature.