Matilha Cultural is an autonomous entity installed in a three-storey building, located in the downtown of São Paulo, composed with multicultural events, since 2009, integrating an exhibition space, multipurpose room, café and a cinema with 68 seats, its main objectives are to support and promote cultural productions, social and environmental initiatives from Brazil and across the world.

By bringing together current cultural projects and expressions, Matilha acts as a center of collective ideas. All Matilha Cultural schedule is free or at popular prices. in these years, there have been more than 100 exhibitions, hundreds of films and music events, animal adoption fairs, book launches and other products, workshops with artists, street events, classes, etc.

Matilha focuses mainly on environmental and human rights issues and supports independent art movements. More than a cultural center, it is also a center of convergence of ideas and actions for the community good. With information, engagement and culture, Matilha contributes to building a more conscious, active, creative and more FREE society.

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Rua rego freitas, 545
consolação - são paulo, sp