Germany |  2018  |  70 minutes  |  Director: Tilman Singer

On a rainy evening, Luz - a young taxi driver - rides through the brightly lit road towards the police station. Meanwhile, Nora seduces the police psychiatrist, Dr. Rossini. Nora is possessed by some demonic entity, searching for the woman it loves: Luz.

A sensual supernatural thriller, shot in 16mm like a genre classic, “Luz” is Tilmar Singer’s first feature film. With a Lynchian dreamlike narrative caught between puzzles and memories, it has been screened at several renowned festivals around the world, such as Berlin and Fantasia - almost unbelievable, considering it was made as a thesis project.


Tilman Singer was born in Leipzig, Germany in 1988. He produced stop motion animation short films and commercials in the USA, France and Germany before he began his studies at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne in 2011. So far, he has directed several short films, commercials, music videos and his debut feature film “Luz”. He currently lives and works in Cologne.