Last Tree Standing


USA  |  2017  |  29 minutes  |  Director: Agnes Peel-McGregor

In a bleak world of dystopia, Last Tree Standing tells the tale of a young girl named Lexie, who befriends a peculiar
being - half- man, half-tree.


Agnes Peel-McGregor is a screenwriter and director known for “Supression” (2010), Milkmaid” (2014) and “Last Tree Standing” (2017).

Agnes is a graduate of Sydney Film School in Australia and the David Lynch MFA in Film in the United States. She has completed the Professional and Advanced Programs in Screenwriting at the prestigious University of California, where her first feature length screenplay was nominated for the Nate Wilson Joie de Vivre Award (an award presented to the screenwriting student whose screenplay is selected as the best of the year).

Agnes has written and directed three short films that have screened at some of the top film festivals around the world, winning her multiple awards and nominations. Her films have been supported and awarded by David Lynch, Screen Australia, Australian Screen Editors, Australian Cinematographers Society, APRA AMCOS and Australian Guild of Screen Composers.