Canada  |  2018  |  88 minutes  |  Director: Michael Peterson

12 year old Henry will spend the night with his grandfather on a remote farm, while his fathers are attending a funeral. Grandpa dies unexpectedly, leaving henry alone to fight through a night of horrors while waiting for his parents to arrive. In a desperate quest for survive, ele slowly figures out the strange connection between his family and the killer at the door.

Described as a dark “Home Alone” for grown ups, Knuckleball is Michael Peterson’s latest feature film, after an extensive career in short films, music videos, commercials, documentaires, and other feature films, which have been showcased in over 75 film festivals worldwide.


Michael Peterson is an award-winning writer and director. He has made feature films, TV (scripted and unscripted), commercials, music videos, short film and documentary. He produced, directed and co-wrote his first feature film, the comedy LLOYD THE CONQUEROR and his second feature film, KNUCKLEBALL, a dark thriller. Michael also develops and produces feature films and his most recent is the genre-bending docu-thriller FAKE BLOOD which he also helped cowrite. He has a M. Arts from UNC-Chapel Hill in Communication Studies focusing on documentary theory and production. He is a graduate of the prestigious Canadian Film Centre Directors Lab program. He currently resides in Calgary, Canada with his family.