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The Cidade Tiradentes Center is the largest culture medium of São Paulo’s east region. With 30 thousand square meters, the place offers artistic and sport activities to the population; while also providing professional and environmental formation. In addition to the Human Rights themed library, the place has also a technical audiovisual park and a large movie theater with a capacity for 150 seats with digital projection.


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Histórias Estranhas

Histórias Estranhas

“Stranger Tales“


Brazil |  2017  |  73 minutes  |  Directors: Rodrigo Brandão, Kapel Furman, Taísa Ennes Marques, Paulo Biscaia Filho, Claudio Ellovitch, Filipe Ferreira, Ricardo Ghiorzi and Marcos DeBrito

The arrival of a stranger during a dinner for two in an old dark house. An analyst who may or may not be a grotesque monster. Living dead women out for revenge. An invisible man. A pregnancy caused by Satanic forces. A tarot-fuelled psychedelic fever dream. A serial killer tormented by Biblical delirium.

These are some of the strange imagery that illustrate this elaborate almanac of the Brazilian Fantastique - a compilation of eight morbid tales, directed by the most varied genre filmmakers from all around the country.

  • Rodrigo Brandão (“Era dos Mortos”, 2007; “Contos da Morte”, 2016)

  • Kapel Furman ("Embodiment of Evil”, 2008; "The Return of Red Light Bandit”, 2010) 

  • Taísa Ennes Marques (“13 Histórias Estranhas”, 2015; “O Deus Neon”, 2015) 

  • Paulo Biscaia Filho (“Nervo Craniano Zero”, 2012; “Virgin Cheerleaders in Chains”, 2018) 

  • Claudio Ellovitch (“Undertaker”, 2008; “Pray”, 2014) 

  • Filipe Ferreira (“Nove e Meia”, 2012) 

  • Ricardo Ghiorzi (“A Maldição do Sanguanel”, 2014; “Porto dos Mortos”, 2010)

  • Marcos DeBrito (“Condado Macabro”, 2015; “Uninverso”, 2004)