Australia |  2018  |  15 minutes  |  Director: David Burrowes

Donny loved his Granny and Granny loved her Donny, until one stormy night when it all changed.


David Burrowes is a filmmaker in pursuit of bold, provocative and ambitious work. He believes that films, like all good art, should exist to make a change in the world - they should shelter dangerous, infectious, ideas that worm their way into their audiences minds like parasites. Films should be visceral experiences; joyous or harrowing, they should impact us with physical weight. David believes in films that are entertainment for the sake of entertainment, films that exist as an escape. He’s also aware of the contradiction between these beliefs, and he’s okay with it. David is a proud director of colour who believes in the power of representation and diversifying the stories we tell - the medium can be a tool for self discovery for the filmmaker as much as the audience.

David is a director and a writer. He has directed a number of shorts, music videos and advertorial content. His films have premiered at film festivals around the world (Redflags premiere - Sydney Mardis Gras Film Festival; The Drive premiere - LA Webfest) and his most recent film, Granny (completed June 2017), is currently being presented for consideration.