Serbia |  2018  |  86 minutes  |  Director: Lazar Bodroza

In a dystopic socialist future, the austronaut Milutin is sent to
a long flight towards a colony to spread their ideology. He’s accompained by Nimani, an android. The essence of love and emotions between the two will test the limits of human nature.

The neo-cold-war visuals created by filmmaker Lazar Bodroza - ranked among the top 20 visual artists around the world according to PRINT Maganize - has echoes of “Blade Ranner” and “Solaris”, exploring the combination of cybernetic culture and sexuality. Leading lady Stoya (Nimani) is best known for her career as a porn star. She currently writes for Vice and The Verge, and has also written for the New York Times, Esquire, The Guardian, Playboy, among other publications. Ederlezi Rising is her first feature film as an actress outside of the adult entertainment industry. Stoya is a standout, both as an android and as a human. A wonderfully delirious space opera.


Lazar Bodroza is director, visual artist, founder and creative director of the independent design studio METAKLINIKA.

He was born on August 19th 1983. in Belgrade, Serbia. He graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade.

In 2011 Lazar Bodroza won the award TOP 20 under 30 given by PRINT magazine. He was selected as one of the world’s top 20 visual artists under the age of 30.

He is the author of the interactive film UBER LIFE (2010) and the short film THE MOUNTAIN WREATH (2006).
Ederlezi Rising is his first feature film.