Dirty Job

Brazil | 2018 | 85 minutos | Director: Hélio Martins Jr. 

Rafael is a rich man who wants to hire a methodical professional hitman for a job, promising in return a huge sum of money. But before undertaking this mission and receiving the money, the killer must help his client in three tasks that may risk everything.


Born on April 15, 1978, Hélio Martins Jr. graduated in Advertising Business at Mackenzie University and postgraduate in Multimedia Design. He worked in agencies and publishers as art director. Currently developing corporate communication on several fields: audiovisual, web and graphic design. Helio also writes, produces and directs your own films. In 2007 debuted as a director with his short film "Obsession" — produced while studying at the New York Film Academy. In 2014 finished his first feature film, "Invasion".