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The Cidade Tiradentes Center is the largest culture medium of São Paulo’s east region. With 30 thousand square meters, the place offers artistic and sport activities to the population; while also providing professional and environmental formation. In addition to the Human Rights themed library, the place has also a technical audiovisual park and a large movie theater with a capacity for 150 seats with digital projection.


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Italy  |  2017  |  126 minutes  |  Director: Alberto Rondalli

A heretical Count sits down in his opulent home, finishing his writings. Alphonse, a young officer from Waloon, crosses through Murgia on his way to the regiment in Naples, but finds himself mysteriously trapped in a local inn with a strange and varied selection of thiefs, cabalists, noblemen, beautiful women, and gypsies - whose tales he writes down during the course of ten days. A series of strange situations within situations, stories within stories, just like Decameron or 1001 Nights, that entertain the guests in an epic scale. The destinies of two men are entwined, and it’s hard to tell which of them is real, and which only exists in the other one’s mind. This is a journey for both of them, as Alphonse goes on, unaware of whether his experiences were real or merely dreams.


Italian Alberto Rondalli has been a director since the 90s. He won the Best Performance and Special Mention awards at the International Molodist film festival of Kiev for the 60min short "Quam Mirabilis", a Special Mention at the Locarno Film Festival for "Dervis, il Derviscio", and his latest production, "Agadah" — based on the novel by Jan Potocki — was awarded Best Film at the First Hermetic International Film Festival.